The Buddy Poppy

Inspired by Col. John McCrae's " In Flanders Fields ", a poem about those who fought and died in France during World War I, the poppy is distributed by veterans organizations around the world as a memorial flower.

Since 1922, the artificial Buddy Poppy has been dispensed by the VFW as a means of raising funds to help needy and disabled veterans, dependents of veterans, widows and orphans of deceased veterans. No Buddy Poppy funds may be used for any other purpose, no profit is derived by any VFW unit.

For our Manassas Post 7589, Buddy Poppy days, Memorial Day and Veterans Day weekends, are the best opportunities we have to meet the public and increase local awareness about the VFW, our goals and ideals. So, if you see a VFW member on your way to the supermarket, stop to say hello and pickup a Buddy Poppy. By wearing it, you honor the American men and women who served to make our country free, sometimes at the cost of their own life!