Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Members of VFW Post 7589 conducted Buddy poppy drives on Saturday and Sunday, followed by activities on Monday that included a wreath laying ceremony at the Manassas Veteran's Memorial and flag placements at the Manassas Cemetery.

Each year Post 7589 performs these ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.

Lest we forget, Freedom is Not Free.

Buddy Poppies - Saturday at Westgate Giant

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Dick Lemmon, Rick Raskin and Steve Meade Dallas Kennedy Roy Kennedy and Sam Nealey

Buddy Poppies - Sunday at Liberia Avenue Wal-Mart

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Dallas Kennedy,  Pete MacLeod, Dick Lemmon and John DePew

Ceremonies Monday morning

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A prayer said at the Manassas Veterans' Memorial

Janet Raskin, Nancy Dazzo and Bettie Keyton

Steve Meade and Bettie Keyton

Angela Fromm, Valerie Nealey, Jennifer Nealey, Olivia Nealey, Nancy Dazzo, Bettie Keyton and Janet Raskin

Steve Meade, Rick Raskin, Mike Nealey, Sam Nealey, Ron Knowles, Ed Fishpaw and John DePew

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A prayer said at the grave of Francis Cannon

Brad Bradshaw and Nancy Dazzo

Angela Fromm and Janet Raskin

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