Comrade Ed Fishpaw offers pro bono legal service for homeless (or formerly homeless) veterans.

Traffic Court Only

COL (R) Edward Rinker Fishpaw – JD, Esq. – (aka “Colonel Ed”) is a life member of VFW Post 7589 and a native of Manassas, VA.  (Colonel Ed was known as the “Lawyer-Logistician” while serving as a DIMA Reservist on The Joint Staff J-4.)  He has started a part time law practice after retiring from federal government service.  His practice focuses on Traffic Court involving reckless driving (speeding) and selected DUI cases.

As a trial attorney authorized to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Colonel Ed has offered to help homeless vets, as well as formerly homeless vets who have "boot-strapped" themselves hoping for a new life.  The later my not qualify for a court appointed attorney and thus are once again stuck in the MATRIX. 

(Quoting Colonel Ed:  "Hopefully, my brothers and sisters are not still stuck in the MATRIX.  If so, may PEACE be with them and NAMASTE!")

For more information, contact Colonel Ed directly by non-confidential communications.   Email your contact information to or leave it in a short voicemail (up to 1 minute) at 703-335-5422. You can tell Colonel Ed your story when he calls you on the phone.

For more information, contact Colonel Ed directly by non-confidential email at or leave a short non-confidential message (up to 30 seconds) with your contact information at 703-335-5422.